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Residential & Commercial Alarm System Testimonials:

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 Ronda Rich
Mike "Moonpie" Wilson

Chicopee Baptist Church has been with Electronic Sales Company since September of 1999. 

"I recently called ESC to change the church’s alarm code. Not only did they treat me like I was the most important person during that conversation, but they were also able to change our code without any problems on a system that was installed over 20 years ago.

Wow!! Now that is top-notch customer service!"

 Clyde Self, Chicopee Baptist Church

“I certainly appreciate your attention to the details, and for your follow up. It is rare to find such thorough personal customer service these days. Thank you, and your amazing staff for everything.” 

Kelly Barrett

“Gary and I appreciate your working through issues with our security. You are a professional who does the right thing - relationships matter! Integrity matters! Keep up the good work!” 

Traci McBride

“Thank you for being there for me while I drive over the road and my house is in your hands.  You are a blessing!  Thank you for such great equipment and service.  Thanks to Dan and all the technicians for top quality service!” 

Dennis Swain

“We never knew what true security felt like until we got our system from Electronic Sales Co.  The security at night is the best sleep aid I could ever have!  The ESC staff is very quick to respond and always makes us feel like we are very important!”

Robbie and Claudia McLeod


 Mr. and Mrs. Cooley,

"Everyone has been so good to work with at ESC!  From my first phone call to change my service to the technicians actually arriving at my home, your customer service has been outstanding!"

Stacey Kemp


 “Very pleased with your service!  That is the reason I convinced my brother and sister to use your service also.  Thank you!”
Norma P. Edwards


“It’s a wonderful thing to be able to come in the house knowing that no one has been here while we were gone!  The security system gives us just that security.”

Bill & Joy Purvis


“By mistake, I pushed the wrong button when turning off my alarm one afternoon, and within a couple of minutes the phone rang from Electronic Sales Company to check to see if I was okay.  I was so pleased with the response time!”

Mrs. Lee Gilmer


“We looked at several security companies.  ESC came highly recommended.  We are glad we made the choice to go with ESC.  Very professional – the workmanship was done professionally.  The job was completed as ordered, and we’re extremely happy with ESC and can highly recommend them!  Great job!  Great employees!”

Darrell Snyder


“On September 29th, our daughter was home from college visiting overnight.  As we were getting ready for bed, the Carbon Monoxide Detector starting going off as a result of our defective gas water heater.  Your central station dispatched the fire trucks, and they came out and would not let us back in the house for two hours until the home tested okay.  The fire department measured 250 ppm of Carbon Monoxide which is very high - they told us we were lucky, and that ‘the system has most definitely already paid for itself!’  Thank God we bought this system from Electronic Sales Company, we are so grateful we have it!  We had just bought it five months ago!” 

Andy & Faye Dunagan

*Important Note from Honeywell Representative that manufactures the Carbon Monoxide Unit:  The Dunagan Family is very fortunate they had this system!  Any level below 5ppm is considered safe.  Above 10ppm, it starts to adversely affect your health after a period of time.  The levels found in the Dunagan home of 250ppm is extremely dangerous and could have been lethal if not detected so quickly! 


I would like you to know how promptly and efficiently your service department came to our aid.  Our granddaughter and her young daughter were spending the night with me, and our alarm system failed to come on.  One of your service men came out and set the alarm system, checked the entire house, and made several important changes in the system.  He was courteous, extremely helpful, and a valuable asset to your company.  He certainly set our minds at ease! 


Ann B. McLeod  


“Ever since my husband passed away in 1995, I tried another server, but was not pleased with their service.  Plus, they were more expensive, and since I was alone I could not afford it.  I’ve felt more secure being with ESC.  I sleep better knowing I’m watched over with ESC.  I feel safer coming home and opening the door and hearing that beep.”

Jean Farmer 


“I always feel safe and secure in my home at night and when I’m away because I know this company has my safety in mind, and I really do appreciate knowing I have no reason to worry about a thing!

Daniel & Betty Garner


“I fell this past weekend, face down just as hard as I could hit!  Luckily, I was wearing my Personal Emergency Response System unit (PERS.)  ESC’s monitoring employee was so nice – she talked to me and made me feel as comfortable as I could be in that situation.  She called my whole family for me and stayed with me until they got here.  She’s a wonderful girl, keep up the good work!” 

Camie Britt


“I left my house and had been gone only 10 minutes when ESC called me saying that my alarm was going off.  I told them everything was fine, but when I got back to the house to make sure, I saw that someone had tried to come in through the basement window.  When they did, it set off the motion detector and the alarm went off which thankfully scared off the burglar! Thank goodness the alarm went off! We are all fine, and the police got here really fast!”

Faye Pass. Jun 2014.


“Response time excellent, amount charged good!”

 Patricia and Richard Davenport. July 2014


Commercial Security Systems Testimonials:

"I was on vacation when I got a call from the Shelter that we were having alarm problems on a Saturday.  I called ESC told them the problem and they called and worked with the staff over the phone to correct the problem.  It gives me great peace of mind to know that I can rely on ESC."

 Thank You,

Rick Aiken, President
Humane Society of Northeast Georgia 


Ladies and Gentlemen,

"I have known Jim for several years and worked with him on several projects. I have found him to be very dependable, knowledgeable, and honest in all our dealings. I have also gotten to know him on a more personal basis and have enjoyed that part of our relationship very much. If we had more people like Jim, trying to make a living would be more enjoyable."

Wayne Ridgeway, President
Ridgeway Electric LLC.


"We have used ESC for our security needs at Marina Bay for several years and have been very pleased with their service. They have responded in a timely manner to all of our requests and their people are a pleasure to work with. We would recommend ESC."

Don Cage
Marina Bay


“We just recently invested in Videofied surveillance monitoring products with Electronic Sales Company.  Then, one night, a power pole in our parking lot caught on fire.  This was discovered immediately by our surveillance system and the Fire Department arrived in a matter of minutes!  If it had not been for the quick detection and response, our electrical system and transformer would have been ruined!  I have complete trust in Electronic Sales Company as they watch over our company!  Electronic Sales Company has exceeded our expectations and we would feel comfortable recommending them to anyone considering a security system.” 

Mark, Metro Green


“Your guys did a fantastic job down here!  They repaired a door card reader and the gate card reader. This was after another company had told us we were going to have to pull new wires to both sites. Saved us a lot of money in wire!  We were very impressed and want your guys to come back to troubleshoot another door that we are having trouble with.  Again, we were very happy with their job performance!”

Another Satisfied Customer

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